What You Learn

Take the LEAD offers multiple online classes organized into three levels so that you can meet the needs of your student at the level they are now. Just like high school, some class are “core” (required”, while some are “elective” (optional but important).  For a more detailed description of each class, check out the Take the LEAD syllabus


Take the LEAD Topic

Middle School

(7th & 8th grades)

High School

(9th & 10th grades)

College & Career Savvy

(11th & 12th grades)

Why Your Involvement Matters

Elective Elective Elective

Parent/Teacher Conference

Core Core Core

You Have Resources – Infinite Campus

Core Core Core

You Have Resources – The ILP

Core Core Core

Understanding Assessments 101: K-PREP & Common Core


Understanding Assessments 102: PLAN


Understanding Assessments 103: College & Career Readiness


A Look at Student Development

Elective Elective Elective

Supporting Middle & High School Transition

Core  Core

Financing College 101: The Basics


Financing College 102: Show Me the Money


Financing College 103: The Processes


The High School to College Transition


Social Media & College Planning

Elective Elective

Admissions: The Ins and Outs



Core Completion Core Completion Core Completion